Saturday, 9 August 2008

Grigory Alexandrovich Sedov 1917-

Grigory Alexandrovich Sedov was born in Baku city (Azerbaijan). In 1937 he graduated from pilot school of Leningrad aeroclub. Served in Army since 1938. In 1938 graduated from second Military fighter pilot school(Borisoglebsk city). Served in Air Force front-line units (till 1940). In 1942 graduated from Air Force Engineering Academy named after N.E.Zhukovsky. In 1942-1950 worked as test-pilot -engineer of Science Research Institute of Air Force.

In 1950-1959 worked as test-pilot and in 1958-1970 as deputy Chief designer on flight testing at A.I.Mikoyan EDB. In 1970-1997 was chief of the research. Chief designer on development of latest aircraft including MiG-23 and MiG-27 planes. Since 1997 works as General designer Adviser.

Was the first to take off and test MiG-17 (SI-02) I-350 (M),SM-2(I-360), SM-9, E-4, E-2A aircraft. As a leading test-pilot G.A. Sedov tested MiG-19 the first Soviet supersonic fighter.

Awarded with Lenin premium (1976), USSR State premium (1952).

Awarded with two Lenin Orders, Order of October Revolution, two Orders of Red Banner, 1st degree Order of Patriotic War, two Orders of Red Star, medals. Honored member of Experimental Aircraft test-pilot Association (USA).